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Northwest Indiana Appliance & Furniture Removal

If you’ve ever attempted to move a stove, fridge, or freezer, you know it isn’t easy. Moving heavy furniture and appliances is a major safety risk and can lead to a sore back—or worse. What’s more, these types of projects can take up a significant chunk of your time. Your best option is to let a professional junk hauling team handle the stress for you.

Hired Hand Junk Services offers unparalleled services to remove those heavy, unwanted furniture pieces from your home or commercial space. We’re ready to get the job done, so call us today to schedule an estimate!

Convenient Appliance and Furniture Removal

Removing large furniture and appliances is a hassle. These items tend to weigh hundreds of pounds and are often bulky. It’s no surprise that they’re cumbersome to move through doorways and down staircases. Yet leaving them in your home takes up precious space that can be better used for other purposes. Fortunately, you don’t have to just let your unwanted appliances collect dust—and you don’t have to risk your health or property to get rid of them. Hired Hand Junk Services has the expertise needed to safely remove furniture and home appliances. We ensure the job is done properly, so let us assist you.

We are your number one choice for appliance and furniture removal. We take refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, couches, tables, and many other common household items. If you want to confirm whether we take a specific type of furniture or appliance, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.

How Does the Process Work?

We aim to make junk removal a hassle-free experience. We know that our clients want to get rid of these items as soon as possible, so we deliver exceptional customer service every step of the way. Appliance removal takes strategy, and no job is too tough for our team to handle. The typical process is as follows:

  • Give Us a Call. It really is that simple: all you need to do is give us a call to schedule an appointment.
  • Initial Examination. We’ll show up and provide an estimate beforehand, so you know how much it’ll cost. Point at what you want us to take, and we finish the job from there.
  • Haul Away Your Items. Once we’ve determined what you need us to remove, we get to work. We make sure your property and our workers are completely safe from damage or injury during the entire cleanout process.

Exceptional Services at Affordable Prices

Your satisfaction is important to us. We put your needs first and give you our full attention since we want you to be happy with the work we accomplish. From the very start, we make sure we know exactly what your expectations are. By knowing your goals, we can craft the perfect junk removal strategy. Appliances and furniture can be tough to remove, due to their sheer size and weight. Our team has handled these projects countless times in the past, so count on us for the best support for an affordable price. 

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