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Northwest Indiana Large Item Removal

When you’re stuck with large items like old appliances, mattresses, or furniture that are too big for your regular garbage pickup, Hired Hand Junk Services can assist you. Bulky items are more than just cumbersome to move—if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, you risk hurting yourself and your property. Instead, call our professionals to do the job for you. We pick up all kinds of large items and properly dispose of them. Choose us for reliable solutions for your bulky items.

Looking to Remove Large, Bulky Items From Your Home? We Can Help

Bulky items are problematic for many reasons. First, they take up a lot of space in your home—and that’s frustrating for homeowners who want to use that space for other purposes. Yet moving these items can be difficult, and in many cases, dangerous. They’re heavy and hard to push through narrow doorways and around other obstacles in your home, making the prospect of removing them intimidating.

Hired Hand Junk Services handles the entire process for you. From start to finish, we work hard to achieve the results you need. Our customers are highly satisfied with what we do for them, and we’re confident that you will be too.

Professional Large Item Removal is the Solution

When you have too much stuff on your hands, you may not know where to begin. Strategizing a cleanout requires knowing your limits: for the average person, these tend to be low in terms of physical capability. Bulky items are some of the toughest things to move out of a home, which is why professional junk removal is your best option.

If you can’t fit the items in your regular trash can, our service is the perfect alternative. We accept a wide range of items for pickup, and we accept jobs of all sizes. Whether you have a single item for us to take or an entire room full, we’ll be there ready to help.

Just a few examples of the items we accept include playground equipment, carpet and area rugs, pool tables, large appliances, office furniture, televisions, and more. A bulky item is one that is too difficult to be removed by your local trash collection services, so if your item fits the bill, we can be there to help. Give us a call if you’d like to confirm that we accept your items.

Contact Our Junk Pickup Crew

When your regular track pickup service can’t take your bulky, large items, Hired Hand Junk Services is the team to call. We offer outstanding junk removal services for homeowners and love building new relationships with our clients. We want to be the ones you depend on when you need reliable service. Call us today to schedule a cleanout. We’re excited to work with you!

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